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“We developed StarAligners, created and supported by a large network of trusted and experienced orthodontists.”

Dr. Kelly Heetland, DDS, MSD
& Dr. Shawna Heetland, DDS, MSD
Certified Orthodontic Specialists


Your investment

We specialize in smiles. So we created a pricing approach that makes it more palatable (for lack of a better term) and customizable.



Make an easy, one time payment to become a Star!



Break into payments over 24 months. No forms necessary, just a simple credit check and deposit.

Why Star?

It’s Straight up

We’re shifting your teeth–and that’s a big deal. So we take a completely transparent approach to your treatment. A straighter smile begins with a straightforward plan.

It’s developed by experts

StarAligners is a large network of trusted and experienced Orthodontists using the latest technology for a new constellation of care.

It’s refreshingly unique

There’s no one else like you. Embrace that fact. We sure do. That’s why your treatment plan is based on your lifestyle. Your goals. Your smile. You.

Are you ready?

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Word of (Very Satisfied) Mouth

People are saying good things. We imagine they’re smiling in the process.

Matt g. | spacing, 6 month plan

My eyes are getting jealous

I used to get compliments on my eyes, but after my hassle-free StarAligners Treatment, everyone comments on my beautiful smile!

Sara H. | crowding and spacing, 12 month plan

I like options

I liked the fact that I could go it alone but have access to help if I needed it. I easily managed my program on my own, and after only six months, my smile’s super satisfied.

Amiel C. | spacing, 8 month plan

Such a great feeling

I used to always smile with my mouth closed but after completing my treatment, I have a great smile to be proud of and a sense of empowerment. There’s nothing like taking matters into your own hands.


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